FALL 2019 🌂🍂

Buyer activity is picking up in Whistler.

After a slow first half of 2019 when we were seeing many buyers waiting to see how much the market would change, the pace of sales is now starting to quicken. The current Whistler real estate market is a balanced market that favours neither sellers nor buyers. We consider this to be a healthy market, where buyers have more choice, unlike the seller’s market conditions of 2016-2018, when buyers were forced to rush purchase decisions, or risk missing out. Whistler currently has 369 active listings, which is the highest number of active listings since January 2016. To provide some context, in May of 2017 – at the height of the seller’s market, Whistler only had 184 active listings.

Looking more closely at the different property types, the chart below shows that Whistler Townhomes and Condos have settled into a balanced market over the last few months, while Detached houses have edged into buyer’s market territory. Detached houses are becoming less and less affordable, with the Whistler MLS® Benchmark Price for this property type now at $1,640,500. Local buyers especially are being pushed out of this property type, creating more demand for Townhomes and Condos.

Whistler Fall Stats 2019.png

In these balanced market conditions, it’s a great time for buyers to negotiate on price and get into the Whistler market.

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Market statistics gathered from REBGV (Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver) & WLS (Whistler Listing System). Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler / Justa Jeskova