🐝 🌼 SUMMER 2019

While late Spring is typically known for its high volume of real estate transactions, statistics show there have been substantially fewer transactions compared to previous years.  

Looking ahead, Whistler will likely see prices stabilise over the coming months. With buyers holding on in the sidelines creating less demand, sellers are reacting by adjusting prices down to sell in a balanced market. This increase in affordability, coupled with steady interest and mortgage rates, may help boost the market in coming months.  

REBVG Stats June 2019.png

Since November last year, the Whistler Home Price Index (HPI = price indicator that is more accurate than average price, as it excludes very large or very small outliers) has remained below $900,000, with an average HPI price of $888,700 this May. This amount is down by roughly 2.3% from the same time last year, indicating that while prices have slightly decreased, the market is currently stable (refer to above graph*).

REBVG President Ashley Smith provides some sound advice: ‘Whether you’re a buyer looking to make an offer, or a seller looking to list your home, getting your pricing right is the key in today’s market’.

If you’re looking for a Whistler real estate expert to assist you in the sale or purchase of your home, I’d love to hear from you.

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Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler / Mike Crane

*Market statistics gathered from the REBGV