Are you ready for Winter? Six point checklist to prepare your home.

❄️❄️ The long snowy winter of the great white north is upon us! ❄️❄️

Don’t forget to ‘Fall Back’ on Sunday November 4 and enjoy that extra hour of sleep.

1.     Reduce Heating Costs – we all dread the pricey Winter hydro bills. Be hydro savvy this winter by keeping the thermostat below 18°C and turn it off when you’re not home or sleeping. A programmable thermostat will help you stay on top of this. Stay warm by wearing slippers and a sweater. Use a hot water bottle and drink hot drinks. Get cosy.

2.     Draft-proof your home – drafts can waste up to 30% of a home’s energy. Prevent drafts by caulking and weatherstriping doors & windows.

3.     Clear out gutters – tidy away all the fallen leaves in your gutters and downspouts before the snow falls.

4.     Chimneys & Furnaces – chimneys should be swept once a year. Buy & chop firewood and store it in a dry place. Furnace filters should be replaced regularly too. Now’s the time to check.

5.     Snow clearing tools – buy your snow shovel now so you’re ready to get clearing.

6.     Stock up your car trunk – keep water, a blanket & winter coat in your car. You never know when you might need them. Before long drives, fill a thermos with hot chocolate – just in case.


Oh and don’t forget to dust off the old skis and do a few wall squats while you’re at it! ⛷ 🏂

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Thanks for reading!