With over 500 wildfires currently burning in British Columbia and smoke smothering the province, the importance of insurance and being fire smart really hits home. New homebuyers should consider the fire safety of a property before making a purchase.

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While insurance is there to cover you for the worst-case scenario, homeowners can take preventative action to reduce the risk of fire in the first place. Here’s how:

  • Thinning vegetation on your land within 10 meters of your house & make sure there are no branches hanging over your roof

  • If you are in danger from wildfire, remove wood piles beside the house and clear out leaves, twigs & dry grasses around the home

  • Chimneys that are in use should be swept once a year

  • Remove tumble dryer lint before every cycle & clean vents regularly

  • Stovetop cooking – make a habit of placing pan handles to the side of the stove & check you haven’t left stove or oven on when leaving the house

  • Extinguish cigarettes in an appropriate sand or water filled container

  • Always keep fire extinguishers charged and have them tested according to the manufacturer specifications

  • Test smoke alarm functionality monthly, change batteries every year & review their expiration date at regular intervals

Part of being a responsible homeowner is maintaining your property and surrounding vegetation to protect it from fires. For more helpful hints on how to prepare for buying your new home, contact me today.

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